Field Trip

 It's amazing how little ones act as though they have never seen water before in their lives. This fountain in front of the movie theater was not a great idea. It was a magnet.
 Me and my son before we got to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. I do not recommend this film. The local theater has a special thing going where they basically play Netflix movies on the big screen at a discounted price for kids on summer vacay so their parents have something to do with them that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Brilliant.
Leaving the theater. There is nothing louder than 4 pre-K kids in a vehicle.

I have neglected the blog this week for sure. First of all, I hardly have a single thing of interest going on in my life aside from my children lately and I always fear this becoming a weird mommy blog. Also, my co-worker went AWOL last week and on Monday he sent me a picture of his totaled car and called me to say he was headed to rehab for "6-7 weeks." We got a temp yesterday so I get to train her and do my job and it's just nonstop excitement at the work place. I like the temp, though, and it's nice to have another girl around again so there's that. 
A month from tomorrow, Casey turns 5. He starts Kindergarten in about 27 days. It's going too fast. I only get to chaperone two more tiny field trips with his little daycare that I love. I hope he handles the transition better than I seem to be. I'll miss seeing the same sweet kiddos all the time and talking to the super nice teachers. When he starts Kinder, daddy will start taking him to school and Mommy-Mia will start picking him up and I will see less of him and yes the sound you hear is my heart breaking.

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