Ending the Hiatus

Long weekend, you guys! No Haiku Friday! I had the kids on Monday and Tuesday. There is so much to tell you but for now I'll toss up some weekend pics.
 BFF & Co. came over for some 4th of July BBQ and sno-cones
 My little American kids
 Daddy lighting the lawn on fire with expired sparklers
 The "C" bite mark Christa gave Casey
 Christa's first bike-ride
 Partners in Crime at the Zoo
 Christa turns into a cuddle bug when she's got teething fevers.
 Her new favorite trick is climbing onto the bench, up onto the table.
 See how frustrated she is?
And finally, yesterday Casey was taken to the ENT specialist. Those tonsils and likely his adnoids have got to go but that likely won't happen for a few months. He looks so happy here. This was before he positively freaked out over getting his blood pressure and oral temperature taken. Apparently he was afraid Dr. Marci was going to "cut his face off." Where does he get these ideas?

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