Kinda Worried Haiku Friday

I have a bad rash
Thought it was stress or the heat
Now I'm more concerned
Headed to the doc
I'm scared it's blood poisoning
I've seen it before
Five days of itchy
Red and splotchy discomfort
Hope I get relief

***Update: Heat rash. WTF


Casey's Next-to-Last Pre-K Field Trip

 We brought Tutti to this one!
 That little boy in the front left is a child of a former high school classmate.
 The Gull Wings museum is so fun.
 Christa only noticed I wasn't around when I was on the toilet.
 She can't stop herself from loving the woobies.
 Future Fireman?
This one couldn't hang so I had to bring her to Mommy Mia's early.



It's not too often that we will watch something on Netflix and I will feel the need to do a movie review for it but I felt Tig warranted one. Tig Notaro is a stand-up comedian who, a while back now, gave sort of an unorthodox performance where she discussed a near-death experience that was followed by her mother's death and a bilateral breast cancer diagnosis. Pretty heavy right? But Tig was able to do a very funny comedic routine about it and instantly blew up, heralded by fellow comics as groundbreaking.
I had read about this documentary a few times in EW and then Questlove put a shot of Tig on his Instagram captioned with "Her comedy clips are my cat videos. Watch them endlessly." Sounded like a good enough endorsement for me. The film is Tig's journey back to the same stage where that single performance catapulted her to fame. It gives a brief background into her childhood, her career, her unfortunate turn of events and her journey to essentially live again. She meets her person, tries finding a surrogate and basically struggles to find her place as a comedian whose comedy doesn't rely on tragedy. So, yes, she's a comedian, but she's also just an all around interesting and dope human being with a truly inspirational tale to share.
I was moved to laughter and tears several times during the 95-minute run-time. When she spoke of how her mother's sudden death impacted her life, I could immediately relate. When she spoke of why she wanted children of her own just so she could see her mother in them, just to have one last blood connection to her, my heart broke. So often I look at Christa - in particular in her eyes - and see my dad. I also related strongly to how she and her significant other came to be and really loved seeing that story play out. I highly recommend this movie. Not only was it entertaining, but it reminded me just how much I have and just how much a human being is able to overcome as long as they persevere.


Weekend Update

 Friday after work we went for frozen yogurt and a walk. HOT
 Then we did sidewalk chalk, our new favorite.
 And Christa found happiness in warm laundry.
 Saturday morning dog house.
 And potty training.
 And backyard, clothed pool time despite lots of actual pool time earlier in the day..
 We are tackling the aphids with lady bugs.
 Casey had hot chocolate on Sunday morning and made that face. Ha!
 Christa on her brother's leap pad, feet and all.
The Bun getting brave.


Weather Report Haiku Friday

This humidity
Is really bringing us down
Not Oxnard weather
We've had sleepless nights
And so many sweaty days
Not enough rain though
Miss marine layer
Didn't see May Gray, June Gloom
My hoodie's dusty


Field Trip

 It's amazing how little ones act as though they have never seen water before in their lives. This fountain in front of the movie theater was not a great idea. It was a magnet.
 Me and my son before we got to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. I do not recommend this film. The local theater has a special thing going where they basically play Netflix movies on the big screen at a discounted price for kids on summer vacay so their parents have something to do with them that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Brilliant.
Leaving the theater. There is nothing louder than 4 pre-K kids in a vehicle.

I have neglected the blog this week for sure. First of all, I hardly have a single thing of interest going on in my life aside from my children lately and I always fear this becoming a weird mommy blog. Also, my co-worker went AWOL last week and on Monday he sent me a picture of his totaled car and called me to say he was headed to rehab for "6-7 weeks." We got a temp yesterday so I get to train her and do my job and it's just nonstop excitement at the work place. I like the temp, though, and it's nice to have another girl around again so there's that. 
A month from tomorrow, Casey turns 5. He starts Kindergarten in about 27 days. It's going too fast. I only get to chaperone two more tiny field trips with his little daycare that I love. I hope he handles the transition better than I seem to be. I'll miss seeing the same sweet kiddos all the time and talking to the super nice teachers. When he starts Kinder, daddy will start taking him to school and Mommy-Mia will start picking him up and I will see less of him and yes the sound you hear is my heart breaking.


Hot As Hell Weekend Pictures

 Friday night was cousin pizza party and these girls got to love the bun. The girls drew with sidewalk chalk while the boys played Legos and the uncles drank beer and talked sports or politics or some other testosterone driven topic.
 Saturday was the super fun Casitas water park. It totally rained and rained while we rafted down the lazy river. It was so much fun and neither super hot nor super sunny.
 Here is a picture I forced Casey to take so I can make memories.
 Tutti's first downpour. Boy was the thunder and lightning and humidity something. Thought we were in the Midwest there for a moment.
Cheers, happy beer. You know me so well.


Haiku Friday

Been walking this week
I really need to move more
Not just cuz I'm fat
But to breathe fresh air
Cut back on all the screen time
And get off my ass
I will work on food
Choosing better, eating less
But first is movement


Wednesday Memory

Last night, a friend was at a Knights of Columbus event and mentioned it on Facebook. The good thing about being an adult in the town you grew up in is that a lot of the people you associate with still go to the same functions at the same locations three decades later. I commented that I had many a memory there as a young girl, daddy/daughter dances and holiday meals and the like. Those events were always held in this dingy old hall that I remember as being very dark. I flashed back to feeling like such a grown-up ordering a Shirley Temple from the bar. I had forgotten about those things, you know. Like, a Shirley Temple was my go-to pregnant drink and I don't think I ever put that together until right now. Anyway, the friend said that her husband was talking about how my dad was the Family Director back in the day and she sent me the picture above. That's my dad's handwriting before it became practically illegible thanks to Parkinsons. There he is on the right, in all his young, chubby glory. Man. It's amazing the things you can forget before a single spark can send those memories flooding back.


Crazy Cat Lady

About a month ago I shared a little bit about my family tree with you and mentioned my dad's cousin, the crazy cat lady. In case you want to see the disturbing news report about her, I will link it here. It's not really for the faint of heart. When my aunt told me about that, she also mentioned that there was a nasty missive the crazy cat lady had written about how she was wronged when all her cats were taken from her. I'd forgotten about it until yesterday when it arrived in my mailbox, all 26 neatly typed pages of it. Because I can't copy and paste it in all of its manic glory, I will pull a couple of the choice pieces and share them with you here.

"my story that I wrote because of the penultimate devastation that has been brought to my door."

"I lived in California for 16 years... in a mobile home park! And I had 65 cats during those years."

"I do not know who in the hell you think you are to ensconce yourself in such unfathomable emotions"

"A phalanx of pure cruelty and unimaginable travesty after travesty"

"Why was not a cleaning crew offered to help me? Why did they bring a demolition squad? A barrage of monsters dressed like storm troopers invading my home and taking my beloved babies away from me. All of it happening in a maelstrom of iniquity."

"All that happened was a blinding, cyclonic rage that  I could not stop. There were too many demons to battle. I had fought one at a time... not a legion!"

"I never smoked. I never drank alcoholic beverages. I never did drugs. I never had any boyfriends. I never had any men friends. Presently, at 63 years of age, I have never had sex, nor have I ever been kissed!"

It goes on and on and on after this about how demons and monsters and her cat babies and how the Lord has never provided for her despite her prayers. Yeah. It's really something. This is my second cousin. (shudders)


Weekend Pics

 This one was actually taken on Thursday but it was Christa's first visit at as a big girl to China Square. What an active dinner.
 This child killing me with her tantrums and her need to be on the table at all times.
 Popsicle mouth never gets old.
 Neither do Sunday morning selfies.
 Of children that just. can't. sit. still.
Yeah so this weekend kind of stunk. Brad was on call for 36 hours of it so there was not a ton of time for fun stuff as a family. On Saturday we worked in the garage and on the bikes and cleaned the house. Found a bit of time to swim at Gaga's pool. Sunday we ran a few errands, like to the mall to treat the kids at the Disney Store. Mostly we were just home and taking it super easy. Hit a yard sale. Spent some time napping and playing with sidewalk chalk and collecting bugs. Did some arts & crafts and watched some TV and did a bunch of reading. Christa is teething and so grumpy and Casey is just being super emotional and kind of naughty. I'm actually glad to be at work and away from ALL THE CRYING. Blech.


Don't Step On a Bee Haiku Friday

Got my test results 
From the City of Oxnard
I passed but with Bs
Eighty-two percent
That can't possibly be right
I know I aced it
Likely my answers
Were not submissive enough
I am not a drone


Double Feature

Since Husband and I had Friday off thanks to the holiday, we decided to take Casey, my niece and my nephew to see Inside Out. I cry at every single Disney and/or Pixar movie so I knew I was going to be in real trouble when Amy Poehler was quoted as saying this movie would make you "cry your balls off" and Mindy Kaling said she basically wept nonstop throughout reading the script. The movie is about an 11-year old girl named Riley who moves from the Midwest and has to leave her awesome old life behind to start over fresh in the big city of San Francisco. Inside her mind trying to make sense of this whole thing are Anger, Joy, Disgust and Sadness and a little make-believe buddy named Bing Bong. I'm happy to report the 8-year old and the 4-year olds really enjoyed this movie despite its emotional depth and pretty deep concepts. I loved it. I think it will inspire many a conversation about feelings for a long time to come. Shortly after we left the theater, Casey started talking about his tiny feelings so I know kids "get it" even at such a young age. I will warn you though, the I Lava You short prior to the movie will rip your heart out of you body and leave you destroyed. My God. I mean, I was crying the next day talking about it in my kitchen with BFF. Hell, I cried when she DESCRIBED it to me a week before. Yeah, I loved it.

And because I'm always dragging Husband to cartoons and girly musicals, I actually acknowledged that he needs a good old manly man action packed movie to break things up a bit. I'm going to be honest with you here, I have been terrified of dinosaurs since Jurassic Park came out 22 years ago. Each sequel has terrified me and to this day I will not watch them if they are on TV. When I was in my twenties I remember watching a video in my apartment with my boyfriend and actually running to hide in my bathroom during one very intense chase scene. I know dinosaurs pose no real danger to me but UGH the chasing and the lizardly violence. It's all bad. That being said, on Sunday I accompanied my uncle and Husband to see Jurassic World and prior to it starting I warned both of them that there was a very good chance I would end up beating one or both of them to death during the viewing of the film. You see, I can't just watch a movie, I have to actively participate in it so I was fighting the shit out of some dinosaurs. I jumped and I flinched and leaned in and cowered. True to my word, I left the theater exhausted but am happy to report no physical damage was done to the men sitting on either side of me. This movie is not going to win any Best Screenplay or Best Acting awards but it is most definitely everything you need in a summer blockbuster: seamless CGI, hints of claws and teeth and danger, camouflaged dinosaurs jumping out of trees, explosions, weapons, chases, destruction and blood! Plus I got the added eye-candy of Chris Pratt. I still can't believe sweet and doughy Andy Dwyer is a bad-ass comic book hero, action figure now. Such a hunk.


Ending the Hiatus

Long weekend, you guys! No Haiku Friday! I had the kids on Monday and Tuesday. There is so much to tell you but for now I'll toss up some weekend pics.
 BFF & Co. came over for some 4th of July BBQ and sno-cones
 My little American kids
 Daddy lighting the lawn on fire with expired sparklers
 The "C" bite mark Christa gave Casey
 Christa's first bike-ride
 Partners in Crime at the Zoo
 Christa turns into a cuddle bug when she's got teething fevers.
 Her new favorite trick is climbing onto the bench, up onto the table.
 See how frustrated she is?
And finally, yesterday Casey was taken to the ENT specialist. Those tonsils and likely his adnoids have got to go but that likely won't happen for a few months. He looks so happy here. This was before he positively freaked out over getting his blood pressure and oral temperature taken. Apparently he was afraid Dr. Marci was going to "cut his face off." Where does he get these ideas?