Weekend Pics

 Saturday morning artwork
 Husband didn't believe Casey was scared of heights so he put him in a tree. I think Casey's face confirms he is indeed afraid of heights.
 "Take a picture with your sissy" never really works out.
 Daddy & Toots at the Cross
 Mommy & Capood, same place
 View of the beautiful day we spent mostly outdoors. Picnic included.
 Friday Sunday Pancake Breakfast
 Farmers Market means balloon swords and face painting. That's Batman, by the way, not a black butterfly. We talked to Casey about the lady doing the face painting and he said "Hers was SO OLD." And he was right. She had to be 90. God bless her overcharging old ass. $10 for that? Please.
 Pre-party! I actually got Christa to wear sandals!!!
 Niecey Lici is 4!
End of the party water balloon fight. Topless Casey with an inquisitive Christa looking on. I really dig these weekend recaps. Makes me see I have a great time most times. 
My kids are super fun.

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