Weekend Pics! - Goodbye, May

 On Friday night we went to watch my nephew play football. It was not warm. 
I title this: Friday Night Lights. Get it?
 Saturday morning found me at work with Betty.
 We didn't go too far on Saturday. Christa discovered she likes chalk.
 And likes to be in the dog house.
 Here she is in Juicy Couture - a gift, natch. Unreal this outfit.
 This is my favorite of the weekend. My kids. At the zoo.
 We packed a picnic and ate next to these silly elephants.
 We're members now so you'll be seeing a lot of these zoo pics methinks.
And finally - a new table we got for free. I love it so much. Our other table had holes in it so things fell through and it was round and kind of took up more space. It's reclaimed wood and nice and sturdy. Christa danced on there. Casey made it a Ninja Turtle landscape. I am hopeful it will inspire even more yard time so we moved some other toys out back and filled the sandbox with new sand. I love our house. Come over.

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