Thank you for your interest in the Customer Service Representative I position with the City of Oxnard and your participation in the written examination.  Although you passed the examination, you did not pass high enough to move forward in the recruitment process.

I honestly thought I had done better than this. I was confident I had aced the dumb test at least. I mean, there were 100 candidates vying for 3-6 positions so I didn't think I'd be hired but I thought I'd at least qualify for an interview. Color me stunned. I guess I'm comforted that I can at least say last week I was not in the best frame of mind. I'd been running back and forth to see my dying Gran, taking Casey to the doctor and basically suffering from PMS. Oh well. An insider sent me this note:
I don't think they are offering these position to anyone after all.  Several people got lay-off notices a few weeks back and I believe they are looking at placing these individuals in these vacant spots. 

In Gran news, the other night she was taken from bed, put in a wheel chair and joined the others in the common room to listen to hymns. Mom and I were shocked she'd had such an upswing considering the last time we saw her she couldn't even keep her eyes open. Apparently it is not uncommon to go through these hills and valleys when one is nearing the end. She has not eaten at all in two weeks save for soup broth. She has had the occasional sip of liquid but nothing substantial. Yesterday, she told Mom and Bub she wanted lunch and a beer and though she didn't eat, she did partake in some near beer. She's not had a bowel movement in two weeks despite a suppository so I think an enema is next. Her blood pressure and heart rate are high to overcompensate for her body failing. It won't be long now but who knows how soon.
UPDATE: Mom and Bub went up to see her this morning and she didn't move a muscle. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is very shallow. Death is a confusing process.

And finally, in knock-me-over-with-a-feather news, yesterday it was announced that my employer has decided to make the company ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). I, along with 13 other coworkers, am now an owner of my company. Considering there are so few of us and we are such a profitable company, this is like striking the lottery. I won't see anything until I retire but boy am I glad to know I will be well taken care of. I think my dad is smiling down on this decision 100%. So I guess I'll be okay with being poor now knowing it will all turn out pretty well in the end.

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