Some Summertime Yumminess

For my niece's birthday party, my sister-in-law asked me to bring a fruit salad. Because I didn't want to just bring a bowl of diced fruit, I decided to add a little extra. My fruit salad consisted of bananas, peaches, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, mandarin orange slices and strawberries. The fruit was perfectly ripe and delicious and had I not eaten all the tacos, I'd have eaten all the fruit. True story. So to spice up this already amazing fruit salad, I decided to make a concoction my mom had made a few times before. It basically tastes like super-whipped Orange Julius and is perfect for dipping fruit.
Note: The cornstarch is kind of weird but after only about a minute of boiling and stirring it started to get thick. I used a whisk to break it up a little bit but I say keep over the heat for five minutes tops.
I texted this shot to BFF before I made it because it reminded me of Tommy Boy when he has a mini fridge in his new office and he talks about all the stuff he can put in it and his dad says "Anything you want to keep cold." It makes me laugh every time.
Here's the final product! If you want to just slice that fruit up so it's a more dip-friendly size, it's a little easier than what I tried to do because that Cool Whip gets pretty thick. I thought adding a dollop to the top of a scoop of fruit would work out better. I mean, either way, it's delicious. But yeah. It's a dip, not a dressing.

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