In The City

Three months ago, almost to the day, I applied for two positions at the City of Oxnard. I used to work there before I came to my current job to work for my dad's company. Sometimes I regret leaving just because there is a stability to working for the City that I won't have here. Anyway, I saw a position and applied for it sort of half-assed because I wasn't stoked at how things were going here at my current job. Since then, though, my coworker left and my position has changed and I am feeling a little better about things. One position invited me for a test a couple weeks ago but I didn't go. When a second invitation for another test came along, I decided to take it for the experience of it all.
It's been over a decade since I last did the job hunt thing so I thought I'd go through it just so I'm not rusty. This morning I arrived to take the test wearing what I would wear to the office, just some black slacks and a nicer shirt with some flats. There were people there that were essentially wearing pajamas, piercings and bra straps and tattoos exposed for the world to see! Frankly that may make me sound practically Puritanical but I can't imagine not giving a shit even if it was for a Scantron test! There were about a hundred people - including the brother of one of my closest girlfriends - there and I saw maybe a dozen that actually looked like they tried to put their best foot forward as far as presentation goes.
We were given two hours to take an eighty question multiple choice test that focused on how to perform customer service and clerical duties. I'm an old pro as far as all that is concerned so I had no trouble at all. There were fifteen Spanish words and we were asked to provide the antonym. I felt pretty confident on all but maybe one word. I think I have the leg up on the competition for being somewhat bilingual and intelligent. I managed to breeze through the test in less than thirty minutes and at no point did I question any of my answers.
All those people were vying for three official positions and perhaps three more that were to open up somewhere down the line. It's at the dump and you have to be available to work between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. so I assume the schedule shifts. Working on some Saturdays and holidays is required.  I'm pretty confident I had the 70% passing rate they were looking for. It would be a pay cut for me but I like the idea of selling myself and having the option of turning the job down should I actually make it to the interview and/or hiring process. I'm not exactly certain this is a position I'm even interested in but it would be nice to be on an eligibility list or for someone to think I'm a good candidate for something more fitting.
When the job was described it reminded me of the perks of my current job so I have some Zen now:
  • No holidays
  • No weekends
  • 8-5 every day
  • Flexibility to do all the things moms need to do
  • Good vacation
  • Retirement contributions
  • Less than ten minutes from my house
  • More money
  • End of the year bonus
  • No dress code
  • Very little actual supervision
  • Nice Christmas parties and Christmas gifts
  • I've literally known all my coworkers since I was a little girl
  • This is my dad's company
  • A fairly great salary in this area
Really the only real cons I have are:
  • My crazy micromanager boss who also happens to be a genuinely nice guy but doesn't seem to think I know how to do my job even though I have been doing it for nine years.
  • Sometimes feeling unequal distribution of work amongst my peers.
  • Office chair ass
  • No other women here 
  • Fear that our small company's time is limited despite being really successful.
It's an interesting time. I like it. I can't wait to see where this goes...

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