Busy Weekend Pics!

 Friday after work was backyard fun time. Christa didn't want to be interrupted at her tool bench so she turned and angrily said "Shis!" which is her word for cheese.
 Then these two goofballs looked adorable.
 Saturday morning she wanted to wear all the tutus.
 Here BFF is holding her new beep, Josie, but I held her too and it was bliss.
We didn't have a swimsuit for Christa.
 After baby meeting we headed to a hotel in Torrance and swam in a super cold and overcrowded pool. After that we had dinner and Casey hugged me to keep from selfies.
 Sunday morning cuddle puddle at the hotel!
 The most important picture ever taken.
 This is a leafy sea dragon or some such at the amazing Aquarium of the Pacific. I recommend you go. It was really fun and we spent hours there. AAA gives a good discount on tickets.
 She couldn't hang.
 Here Husband is cruising the PCH with Casey.
 9 years I've known this guy and this is the first time we have ever met face to face. Rad! Thanks, Blogger. Forging friendships for real.
 Queen Mary
 Lighthouse selfie with my love.
 Siblings. Ugh. Love them too much.
Casey couldn't hang either...
So he missed the Daisy Dukes.

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