Weekend Pics

 On Friday after work, I dragged the kids to the park for an hour then we went to watch my nephew play flag football. He scored three touchdowns. So proud.
 His grandmas were there, too. Kids love laying on Grandma Rhonda. Christa would not leave Gaga's purse or iPhone alone. For nothin'.
 Saturday we stayed close to home. Look at this little monster. I love these PJs. And her hair. And those socks. And her.
 My new favorite thing is watching these two play in the sandbox.
 Sunday was the Strawberry Festival! We went early and had loads of fun, rocked out to some local Mexican music and ate some yummy food. Not too shabby.
 After naps we played outside again because the weather was GORGEOUS.
This is mostly what I did on Saturday. Load up bookshelves, moved pictures around, basically gave the house a wee facelift. I'm quite happy with my new grownup looking casa. I'm super mature now because I'm 38. Or something.


Andrea King said...

I LOVE the new furniture, dude. It looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Loved your pictures. My kids have that sandbox, too. It was from Toys R Us. Your place looks nice and neat. Sounds like you guys stay active and have lots of fun family things to do. destiny