Weekend Pics

 This is Christa's new post-bath tradition. Face down, booty up this is how we like to...
 Not sure when this was taken as those are some different jammies but I like baby selfies.
 BFF & Co came over so we did the park after our pizza party. Because it was windy. And chilly. Typical May Oxnard weather. Never change.
 Casey wore himself out break dancing at the local Guitar Center in the DJ room.
 Then we went home and I napped with my children. COMATOSE babies (BFF EDIT).
This was today! May the 4th be with you. And I totally missed my opportunity to have Casey pose with his life-sized Vader. This young Jedi has much to learn said Cod's husband Babe. Indeed.

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Coodence said...

these are beautiful!

can we ban dead babies from the vernacular?