Movie Review

Do you guys remember when I'd do a movie review a week minimum? The last time I went to a movie was in December or January. I had sort of tricked Husband into seeing Into the Woods because he didn't know it was a musical. I felt really bad about it so I never reviewed it but I will here now just for fun. Husband really, really disliked it and I liked it okay. There's not really much more to say about it other than it would have probably been better to see on stage instead of on film. However, the charming princes stomping around in the water while singing "Agony" was awesomely hilarious.
Oddly enough, that film has something in common with Pitch Perfect 2 as they both star Anna Kendrick! Who, also oddly, I sort of didn't like at all when I first saw her in Up In The Air. Since then, well since Pitch Perfect, I have grown to like her quite a lot and even follow her on Instagram because in real life she is super funny and snarky and a great role model for young girls. Wow! That's a lot of words and links that essentially say very little.
PP2 picks up with the Bellas making a mockery of themselves when Fat Amy exposes her "down under" to the president and first lady while performing. Their champion reputation is tarnished and they are forbidden to perform unless it is at the world championship. This sequel was far more girl-centric than the original so I had guilt once again for exposing Husband - this time unintentionally - to another chick flick. I owe him so many action movies. It's true. If more of the male acapella bands were featured, the chip on his shoulder may have been slightly less. Not even a cameo by the Greenbay Packers could get me out of this one.
I laughed a lot in the form of sort of uncontrollable giggle fits. The cameos were appreciated. I loved all the songs and the performing. I did. I'm not proud of myself. The original is by far a more superior film but as far as sequels go, PP2 was not terrible. It is definitely not a "see in the theater" movie but Husband humored me because it was something I was super excited about and it was near my birthday and we'd just celebrated our anniversary dinner and he is nice and I'm not.

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