Mothers Day Weekend Pics

 On Friday after work I felt like reheated garbage so I took the kids to "Old McDonald's" for happy meals. Casey was thrilled about the park. It's the little things.
 Saturday was BFF's shower. We drank champagne, ate delicious nums, celebrated the beeps, made onesies. I won a game. Mostly it was amazing because it was outdoors with awesome grown up ladies and my children and husband were not there.
 This was before we went to visit my Gran at the home. I love these kids. They make me so happy. Happy looks good on me I think.
 Then we saw this doggie trunk surfing.
 This is how Tutti rocks a dress. I want to be her.
 My fam bam before brunch.
My ma and Tutti
 My mother's day gift. I hate birds but I really like to feed them and offer them a bath at my home. I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
 Here's my wee flower bed that I work so hard to maintain. To fight the drought, I drag buckets of the kids' bathwater out every night so flowers can bloom for my buzzing bees and happy hummingbirds.
 We let the kids play outdoors in their jammies after bath. Makes sense.
The end of Mothers Day. The Fridays. Happiness is.

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Lisa..... said...

What a great day! Happy Mother's Day!

And bath water, that's a good idea.