Legoland Weekend Pics

 Here is the father of my children with my children.
 Christa sure had some fun being able to wreak havoc on the land.
 Literally had to pry Casey away from his BFF Emmet
 He's such a good sport. We took SO MANY pictures with the real camera.
 Nothing is more fun than the Legoland Hotel. Nothing.
 Casey rode on so many rides! He was so brave!
 I love my kids. Sigh.
 Look at this hot mess after a day of theme park good times! Legoland hotel has a buffet where families eat and it was likely more rowdy there than at a Viking round table.
 Hotel pirate selfie! I LOVE THIS HOTEL! AND PIRATES!
Then on Monday after we got burned out entirely we hit the aquarium before heading home. So much fun you guys. I wish I could live at the hotel. And never work again ever.

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Coodence said...

ACK! I love these.