Easter Weekend Pictures!

 Pirate Park on Friday after work. If you zoom in there is a couple in the back on a bench and she is popping his neck pimples. Hooray High Def.
 She's just so cute. I take pictures of her doing all the things, like touching the slide even though it isn't particularly exciting or interesting.
 Free Spring Fair! Free Easter Bunny!
 The girl has NO fear of animals.
 And wanted all the carnival stuffed animals I wouldn't win for her.
 Casey wanted to ride all the rides!
 This was wimpy compared to what he wanted to do!
 So brave!
 She'd just point to him and say "GA!" every time he'd pass by. Her lubs hers brubbers.
 Seriously! I wouldn't do this!
 ZOOM! So fast!
 Easter eggs came out so bright. We learned you can put rice and food coloring in a ziplock bag and shake the egg in there and get the same dang result as dunking them in colored water. Better results frankly. So there you go for next year.
 That tutu lasted two minutes and two seconds. She is not a fan of frilly girly things. Poor thing. She's so cute. I can't stand it. It angers me.
Casey wanted toes like mom so I gave him a multicolored pedicure. Hehehehe

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Coodence said...

how fun! that pic of casey is all legs!