Busy Damn Weekend Pics!

 This fuzzy bun has been in our yard before. Next time I catch him, he will be mine.
 This is a caterpillar that is devouring my milkweed and will become a Monarch!
 Reagan Library with some out of town guests. Stormy skies and two of my loves.
 Grease Lightning!
 Air Force One and a chopper. 'murca
 My little Who from Whoville
 Me & Mr. Headband Man (monkey on my back)
 Sister Selfie
 The Terrorist Strikes Again
 Betty wanted to be my 5 a.m. buddy on Sunday.
 Eating my right toes...
 And we can't forget the left.
 Up close & personal with the Bun
 Day 2 Headband, SB Zoo bound
 Monkeying Around
My big boy

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Coodence said...

these are awesome!!