Weekend Pics

 Here's a wasp my brother killed on Friday night...
...and the nest it was building. I didn't know they were so soft, looks like dirt but it's "spit" (Husband's words, not mine). Nipped that right in the bud.
 Saturday was a trip down to LA to visit with BFF & Company. Delicious pizza and park time. Hooray for gorgeous weather, you guys.
 Since Casey's been a good boy, we stopped by the Lego Store in the Valley on the way home. The Topanga mall is gigantic and the Valley is SO HOT. Awful experience for me. Do mother-effers not see strollers? Did the single lady with no kids going into the ONLY family bathroom stall not see that I had a baby in a stroller with me?  In retaliation I went to the women's bathroom and peed with the stall door open. Take that! Ugh. I hate the mall. Hate it. Hate it.
 Sunday we played outside and found the bluest rolly-polie I have ever seen.
See that? Isn't it pretty? I had no idea they came in colors other than black. We did a lot of playing with bugs. Wasps, pill bugs, slugs. It was a dirty Sunday.
 We also got ice cream at the harbor. Joe Cool, here.
 Christa was a big fan of it all.
And on the way back to the car we saw a bunch of dead crabs. Neat.

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