Weekend Pics

 Friday after work I had to drag the kids to Target because my hair dryer died. I learned my daughter likes shopping. Took lots of boxes off the shelf and studied each one.
 Saturday was spent at home all day so I mostly took pictures of this little mess. Casey's cough had us up til 1 am, an after-hours doctor call was made, ER was considered. Boo to all that. We'd much rather have been having fun times with BFF & Company.
 Sometimes we watch Super Why and gnaw on our toes.
 Trying to introduce utensils. Awesome.
 Sunday we ran errands and I dressed her in this and it made my whole day.
 Gran turns 90 today. We went to the home to celebrate. They had a pianist playing songs from the early 1900s and all the other old folk residents had cake with us. Gran did much better staying in her safe place with us visiting than she has when we've taken her to my mom's. This visit was quite nice.
 How awesome that these kids have a great-grandma.
And here we all are, the whole fan damily. Sure miss my dad and grandpa on these occasions. Our family just feels so very small.