Weekend Pics

After a very rough Friday afternoon, it was nice to spend a weekend outside and in the sunshine surrounded by family.
 Friday night bath-time fun.
 Nothing like waking up before 6 a.m. on Saturday to a discotheque strobe light show courtesy of the cops across the street arresting two pedestrians. Wonder what the heck they were up to.
 Saturday was SO HOT so there was outdoor naked time in the kiddie pool. We discovered Christa's hair can hold a barrette now. Haha!
 My blue-eyed boy is gonna have to go ahead and stop this adorable nonsense.
 Face down, booty up, this is how we like to.... sleep.
 Sunday morning was spent in Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History with cousins.
 The kids got dirty and played outside with snakes. It was what everyone needed.
And here are the cutest shoes ever on a baby with a barrette in her hair. 
Sigh. I'm so lucky.

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