Weekend Pics

We started Saturday off with a trip to the Green Thumb for gardening supplies and some new plants for spring. How cute are Christa's bunny shoes!? How handsome is my son?!
 In the afternoon we went to Paramount Ranch to do a color run. It was hot, Casey was a whiner, we did not do the color run. Mommy was not happy and may have lost her shit. Another story for another day.
 This is how happy Christa was in the dark hours of Sunday morning when she saw I was preparing her bottle.
 This is how mad Christa gets that she has to wait 30 seconds for me to warm it up, put on the nipple and hand it to her.
 Sunday morning was BEAUTIFUL so we all played outside and I worked on my flower bed for many sunshine-filled hours.
 When we moved in four years ago this dirt was so dry and not nice to plants. Now it is a thriving, moist soil bed perfect for flowers that attract bees and butterflies and hummingbirds. This brings me much joy. Being dirty. Growing things. Yeah.
 Christa thinking her hair is a napkin. Husband called her Jim from Taxi. Ha!
And although this is dark, here she is with her best friend Betty. She just plops down and pets her sometimes. Betty lets her pull her face and do anything she wants to her. They're nice girls.

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