I Read A Book!

Almost exactly four months after my last book completion, I finally finished another: YES PLEASE by Amy Poehler. With Husband working nights, I find that I don't care to watch TV by myself. The few grownup shows we record are meant to be shared and I have Casey's cartoons playing as background noise. After the kids have been put to sleep, I crave not only silence but also distraction. I wanted to read this book because Amy Poehler is right up there with Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling when it comes to comedic, creative women I admire. Her boyfriend Nick Kroll has a sketch show that slays me and when Parks & Recreation ended recently, I cried real and ugly tears. Last but not least, she was on Saturday Night Live, a show that has basically shaped my sense of humor since I was a pre-teen watching religiously with Christine during near-weekly sleepovers.
For some reason, this book hit me in all the right spots and in the first night I read almost 100 pages. Amy is a working mom that, like me, loves her kids but can't imagine not working. Her thoughts on motherhood, like wanting to devour her children, reflect mine so much. I loved reading about her carefree, loving childhood and the adventurous path she took to pursue her passion to perform. Reading about her place on two of my favorite shows provided a delightful peek into all the backstage goings on. She provided just enough intimate information regarding her divorce and her friendships to tug my heartstrings and basically just make me all the more smitten with her.
This was not a difficult read by any means. It was a really enjoyable break from what is proving to be kind of a rough patch for me. I liked reading that she was a certain kind of crazy and as silly as it sounds, she made me feel like I'm not alone. I know that sounds kind of silly but I think that's a great thing. Either way, I liked this book a whole lot and it filled me with happy and I think you should read it. KTHXBYE

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Coodence said...

nice! yeah i like it too. i think it was more of a book about being a working mom than it was about being funny.

it should not be compared with tina fey's bossypants.

my favorite thing about amy poehler is that she was able to visualize herself achieving her dreams. she said she could see herself on the other side of the glass when she went to see SNL as a young person. i like that in a person.