Dumbest Criminals

For those of you that don't know, I work at a company that specializes in packaging distribution and industrial/warehouse supplies. Mostly we're the middle men that work with big mills like Georgia Pacific to get farmers and growers the bags and boxes they'll need to get their stuff form the field to their buyers, like restaurants and stores. Our warehouse is full of cardboard boxes and stretch film and toilet paper, nothing too exciting to say the least. Over the weekend, some jackasses got the bright idea to break into our yard and hot wire our trucks in the hopes of a big haul, but must have found out pretty quickly there was nothing here you could easily sell on the streets for big profit. What's hilarious is the other side of our building is warehouse space where they package Utz chips for distribution. I guess these bad guys must have felt really dumb finding there was nothing to be had, just potato chips and paper towels.
That picture? Is what's left of our gate after they hot wired one of our trucks and decided to use it as a battering ram. They had backed one of our big haulers up to the loading dock with hopes of a bigger haul I suppose but just settled on stealing the smaller truck. They ended up leaving everything else behind including a real mess but thankfully no one was around to be hurt. The cops came and left and we had our excitement for the morning. At around 1pm, I got a call from a lady that manages a nearby trailer park saying our truck was in one of her spaces. Mind you, she had seen two Hispanic guys abandon it at around 8 a.m. with backpacks on only to jump over the fence to the freeway but didn't think to call the cops. She finally decided to call my office because our number is on the truck itself and likely wanted it out of her trailer park. You really gotta wonder about the smarts some people may not have. I still think it's pretty rad the truck even got recovered, despite being badly damaged. Here's to happy endings.

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