Scattered Weekend Pics

 I had chosen an "Old McDonald" theme for Christa's birthday because my mother insists on themes to order cakes around. Barnyard decorations? Yeah there are none. So I abused my work privileges and made this "banner" on our colored printer during office hours. Thanks QPS!
 Then I went all Pinterest and used the old jam jars I've been obsessively hoarding for no reason and filled them with tiny bubbles and kisses and M&Ms for the kids' thank you take-aways. Naturally I thought I was very clever until my mother felt the one-upper in her come out and tell me that I should have fastened fabric around the top. Shut up. Ha!
 There was a bug trapped in the window. Christa was fascinated.
BFF snapped this shot of me and the birthday girl and it's really nice and I was really happy. Sure, I threw together a great party but my proudest moment - aside from being this girl's mommy - was making guacamole for the first time - and a shit ton of it - and there was nary a bite left at the end of the party. Success!
 After the super awesome party full of super fantastic friends and super delicious food wrapped up, we had a wee fire outside so the dads could smoke cigars. When the keg was floating we played Cards Against Humanity and stayed up late with sleepover guests and had some laughs. Maybe "real" pictures will come tomorrow from the party. I don't know. I have fatigue.
Speaking of fatigue, Sunday was total pajama day. We tidied up and lazed about and napped and all was well in the world. The kiddos both have had jacked up tummies all week so God-willing everyone will be on the mend and healthy and relaxed now that all the festivities are done for a while.

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