Moment of Zen

A little under a year ago for my birthday, Christine's mom gave me an orchid. It stayed in bloom for such a long time that I got asked often by my office mates if it was fake. But no! It was real and it was beautiful. After a few months, the flowers all dropped and I thought there was no way this beautiful plant would bloom again. I had heard what a difficult plant an orchid could be and I know nothing of flowers in general or fertilizing. I ended up leaving it alone and not watering it very often. I just let it do its own thing and here we are, not only with a flower appearing but I think I count six healthy buds. 

This could be the key to life, right? Not to get all deep and mystical but maybe the best thing we can do sometimes is just to let it be. There are so many details and parts of our existence so far out of our control - so much to stress over and about - perhaps it's not too bad to be out of control, to let the cards fall as they may and to allow life wow you, even if it takes some time to do so.

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