Knicknack Haiku Friday

Capood or Loody***
Are both names I've called my boy
Since he was quite wee
Christa's Osh or Bem
From sounds she's made, but mostly
Tutti Frutti Boots***
My poor, sweet children
I think Casey's not a fan
I can't stop myself

***Capood stemmed from Casey being naked and me calling him a Nude Capood. Why? I don't know. Loody is how he used to pronounce Woody of Toy Story fame. As for the girl, "Tutti" was born of my niece exclaiming the word "tutu" when she saw Christa wearing one once. She is also Toots, Tootsy Boots, Bootsy, Tutti Bem... Yeah. I don't know that they'll know their names despite how rad the names Casey Douglas and Christa Allyn really are.

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