Finished Room!

You guys! We have a completed project! This room used to be an absolute junk room. Where the pretty picture hangs, next to the window, there used to be two shelves and an actual wet bar taking up a lot of unnecessary space, filled with sports memorabilia and junk. Just a hot mess. We had all our books and DVDs and CDs and tchotchkes on those shelves with a bed crammed right in the middle of it all. It really was a waste of a room. Now? We have a legit play room for the kids that can double as a guest room on the rare occasion we have guests sleep over. All the toys are now out of our living room to make room for a grown-up workspace at some point. Plus we have the Wii hooked up in there so the kiddos can watch Netflix and we don't have to be a part of constant children's programming and they don't need to be on my bed messing up my room. Everyone wins!

MORAL OF THAT STORY: We took it from mess to best! No one wants to have their house remodeled because of asbestos but it turns out there was a silver lining hiding under all that destruction after all.

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