Christa Tuesday - 52 Weeks

This is the end, you guys. No more Christa Tuesdays. Tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday, she will be one. This is the very last day of her first year and she's just a bundle of joy. My darling little baby face is a big girl now. You see her there with her car keys, getting ready to go out on a date. Sigh, she may as well be. Her favorite show is Super Why! She loves stealing her brother's drink and drinking out of the superhero heads or the straws. She walks around like it's no big deal. She makes tons of sounds like mama and dada and Casey and I swear she said dog as clear as a bell the other day. She eats what she wants and absolutely doesn't eat what she doesn't. She's a great sleeper and a heck of a hugger. She has sharp little teeth and a sweet little smile. She's hell bent on being and doing everything she wants, not one of us can stop her. A little terrorist tornado that has brought so much joy to our lives it is practically indescribable. There's so much I want to say about this little love to really let you guys know how dope she is but I can't. She's just the best. We're lucky to have little Christa Allyn in our lives.

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