Christa Tuesday - 51 Weeks

Here is little miss fancy pants using a spoon like a smarty. She was mostly putting the berries on there and catapulting them but whatever. She thinks she's great. This is the LAST WEEK of Christa's eleventh month. In 8 days she will be one. My little baby grew up in the blink of an eye. It really is true about time flying.
She is so loud, you guys. She just hollers and whoops it up all the time, wreaking havoc on the land. Now that she is full on walking she thinks it's just better to try and run everywhere. She's always on the move. We lose her constantly in the house. The other day she sneaked past me and almost got stepped on by the plumber. Fantastic. Nothing like not being able to control or keep an eye on your own baby.
We switched out the little baby carrier car seat because her hefty ass was getting too heavy to carry that way so she's still facing backwards in the car but now has a legit car seat. She's such a big girl. At Maria's house she likes to pick up rocks and stack them on the little solar lights she has in the front yard. She wants every toy her brother touches and her brother hates it... so begins the sibling rivalry. The other day she was eating ground cover and Husband told her "no" and she coyly threw a smile over her shoulder and he imploded and I can just see into the future when she does that kind of shit for his wallet or the car keys.
I have never loved a handful as much as I love this little lady (well maybe her brother but shhhh).


Coodence said...

she is perfection!

Christine said...

she looks just like her mama!

libelletage.com said...

She is so cute! It's so fun watching small kids grow. Sometimes I miss that kind enjoyment in parenting.