Christa Tuesday - 50 Weeks

Boy is it weird to know there are only two Christa Tuesdays left! This is the second week of her 11th month. She sure grew up in a hurry. I took this picture of her last night in our kitchen, post-bath but pre-bottle. Look at her standing there. I love her so much. Last week she was doing a few steps here and there and plopping on that puffy, diapered booty and resorting to crawling because it was faster than walking. This past weekend, she decided walking was IT and running was better! She's hustles down the hallway and jams from place to place making it hard to keep track of her.
We went to BFF's house on Sunday and I would like to think we are getting her ready by showing her just how much baby-proofing will need to be done. Every time we turned around, Christa was eating a remote control or tearing apart magazines or hitting the cable box and changing the channel during the very important game. Or she was finding pieces of rocks and grass to shove in her mouth. My tiny, adorable tornado. Other than walking and a new tooth shooting through her gums on the bottom row of teeth, not too much advancement was made. She just keeps growing and being adorable and keeping mama on her toes.


Coodence said...

Man is she cute!!

Baby proofing you say?? Don't you just keep taking the remote from them over and over again?

I forget so much!!

Christine said...

I love her!