Weekend Pics

 When a Saturday morning starts off like this it kind of makes up for the B.S. that happened below:
 Yup. That's a chunk of my wall behind the washer missing. We discovered some damp carpet on Friday night and it led to my brother doing this. Which led to us discovering three huge clogs in our waste water pipes on Saturday that needed a man with a snake to remove. Which led to us detecting a sub-slab leak. Which leads to me leaving today at some point for the pinpoint person to come and determine where our leak originates and for the plumber to determine how much of my home he needs to destroy to repair said leak. Words like "jack hammer" and "re-pipe the house" were used. 2015 apparently wants to see me penniless.
Sunday was spent licking our wounds and drinking lots of alcohol and watching my brother's Cowboys trample my husband's Lions. I was enjoying a pre-noon Bloody Mary when I took this picture of my baby pretending to be Minnie Mouse.

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