Very Superstitious

On Monday morning I came to work and this magic wand was sitting at my desk, a gift from my boss to my daughter. I told him she was too small to use it so I would use it in the meantime for my own gain. Later I posted this picture of me with it on Instagram with the caption: Sometimes lots of things go to hell all at once but your boss leaves a magic wand at your desk and you start to wonder if maybe magic is the answer...
That afternoon I had to leave work to go home and watch the pinpoint guy determine what the problem was as far as the leak was concerned. He spent a good 30 minutes traversing my property with different machines that sounded like video games. Flags were planted, cameras were used and it was a stressful situation awaiting the diagnosis. It turned out, however, that after the man snaked our pipes on Saturday, the problem was resolved as far as why the washing machine made big booboos in my wall and wet the hell out of my guest room carpet. Our pipes are in great shape, the pressure is good and there is no sub-slab leak. Why, then, was there still water leaking out of the wall of my house into the backyard each time we showered?
It turns out in addition to the waste-water clog that was resolved with the snake, we also have bad pipes in our shower and an outdated and runny toilet. Instead of them having to tear down walls all over the place to re-pipe my home we only have to demolish and re-do my master bathroom. That's cheaper but not cheap; still a mess but less messy. We take the good, we take the bad, we take them both and then we have...

My mother is the queen of renovations so she is thrilled to be a part of this. She has agreed to help me financially saying that it is my inheritance in advance - which is yucky but also really nice - so we immediately headed to Lowe's and the Home Depot to get ideas. Let me just say I do not like doing these kinds of things. Buying home goods. Thinking about home destruction. None of it is really my bag so after Lowe's I was getting frustrated and discouraged. We walked into Home Depot and this happened:
No, not my double chin. That little lady bug twixt my boobage. He was my hitchhiker friend for pretty much half our visit until he tried to fly up my nose and decided to move on to greener pastures. I'm a firm believer in those little guys being luck bringers and so is my mother. It was a nice part of a not so nice day.
Cut to this morning when my mom calls me at work and rather than saying hello dives right into "Do you think your luck is going to change?" Immediately my stomach does a belly flop because WTF does that mean?! So I insist she explain herself so I don't vomit and she says she looked in her bank account and some financial assistance she applied for connected to my dad's diagnosis of Parkinsons due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam had come through that is enough to cover this renovation without her having to dip into her special emergency fund. She said, "Your dad is looking out for you, Randi." And we both agreed he was the Lady Bug. And I started believing in magic again.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Without my parents, my life would be much, much worse. 


Sassy said...

Gave me chills.
Was totally your father watching out for you.

Coodence said...

that's crazy dude.

Jessica said...

Whoa! Sometimes things really do work out.