Some New Year Reflection Ish

I have to be honest, 2015 has started off as quite a challenge. On day two we found out Casey was going to need dental surgery in the $1200 range in April. Then, that afternoon, we discovered a leak in our spare room that originated from the laundry room. Since then pipes have been snaked, home insurance has been involved, a hazmat man came out and inspected for possible asbestos, and machines will have to come in to dry walls and carpet that will eventually have to be replaced. On top of that we had our master bathroom demolished and a remodel is currently in progress. I mean, wow, right? It's only the middle of January and enough has happened to last me a year.
In addition to all this home repair business, Husband's work cut his overtime and thus our income dropped quite significantly. We have Christa's first birthday party rapidly approaching. On Monday I went to the kindergarten Casey will attend in the fall to pick up enrollment paperwork. It just feels like if it's not one thing it's another and I know that this all goes hand in hand with being a parent and a homeowner but darn if I don't wish there was a day without some monumental event on the horizon. So as with any new year, there are resolutions to be made and I figure I will jot my single plan down here so it will become gospel.

2015 RESOLUTION: MONEY. Save some and pay off some debts! Luckily insurance sounds like they will give us some money to pay for the aforementioned disaster in our house. My mom is also helping so that's super nice and wonderful. Hopefully a nice tax return will pay for Casey's dentistry. Those are the two biggies. Here are a dozen steps I will take to make sure we don't end up destitute this year (that drama was specifically for you, BFF).
  1. 52-week Money Challenge
  2. Automatic withdrawal monthly of $25 from checking to savings
  3. Keeping a checkbook and rounding down deposits and rounding up withdrawals. Each time I hit $25, I put that in the savings account.
  4. Tossing any and all loose change at the end of the day into a piggy bank. Once that thing is full, we usually use it for groceries but I'm tossing it in the savings account.
  5. Keeping to a strict budget! I love my spreadsheet that maps every single cent we owe to anyone at any given time.
  6. Husband is on call a lot so his paycheck can fluctuate. Any cent over his standard base pay will be used to go towards debt from this point on since the savings will be covered in the aforementioned steps. 
  7. That same "on call" requires he be sober. So I too shall be sober on those days in solidarity. We drink a lot of beer. Good beer. Costly beer. I foresee this having a huge impact on not only the money but our waistlines.
  8. Not using credit cards unless it is a true emergency. I'm bad at this.
  9. Start paying off the smallest debt completely while paying the minimum on the bigger stuff. Knocking those down snowball style.
  10. Bringing lunch to work instead of eating out. Again with the waistline benefiting from money-saving.
  11. Firing the cleaning lady and the gardener. Please let's tip a 40 in their memory. They will be missed most of all.
  12. Explore the world of coupons.
MORAL OF THAT STORY: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

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