Before the kids were born, I used to walk about three miles a day almost every day after work. Husband and I or a friend and I would hike on the weekends regularly. Somehow, trying to convince a 4-year old to actually walk is a task upon itself. Then you have to make sure you have all the things a baby could need and a stroller and snacks... the list goes on and on. Sometimes spontaneity is a little more fun than actually having to think about and plan a hike. On MLK day, I left work early and after the workers came to the house, I insisted that the family and I take advantage of the afternoon and the sunshine and we rolled out to hike in Camarillo, just outside of the wastewater treatment plant of all things. It was glorious and therapeutic and just the best thing we could have done. There are few things a bit of fresh air, sunshine and dirt can't heal.

 Bridge over troubled waters
 Lazy bee weighed down with pollen
 A flute?
 Casey took this!
 Family selfie
 Tossin' rocks into the creek
Giving up on walking
Happy to have her shoes off

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