Household Happiness

 Wednesday was pajama day at Casey's school. I picked him and the rest of the Fridays up and we headed to Lowe's to pick out paint for the new playroom. These two driving the shopping cart is so rad to me. Love my family.
 Here's what we picked and the progress that was made yesterday. I'm so happy! I love it. They're putting the floor in today and I should be able to move furniture back in this weekend. I'm so excited to have a place for the toys taking over my house. 
 This is the floor, by the way. It's tile that looks like wood. I love it.
 Other rooms were painted yesterday, too! Our laundry room is back together but that's boring and nobody needs to see that. But look! This is the wall where mirrors used to live, always covered with children's kisses and fingerprints. No longer!
This here is the tile that will make my shower. Those rocks are the floor, the tile under it will be the shower itself and the bottom accent tiles will go in the built in shelf and make a wee border around the shower. This was supposed to be delayed until mid-February but materials arrived early and they're starting tomorrow! I should have my house back together by the end of next week, one month from the time this whole mess began. Hooray!

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Christine said...

Looks great, man! Love it!