Christa Tuesday - 48 Weeks

Well this little baby is just a month away from being 1; it's the first week of her eleventh month (JCPenney pictures here). She's not walking yet but steps are being taken. There's a lot of standing going on for sure. I think she just realizes she can crawl faster than she can walk someplace and this girl has no time for that! No, sir! She's got places to be, things to put in her mouth and stuff to destroy!
In the babycenter.com email I get weekly, it mentioned baby proofing and that is really something we clearly need to do. She actually went in to our kitchen cabinet and pulled out a full bag of flour, which weighs about 5 pounds, and proceeded to tear it apart with her beaver teeth. Silence is a warning sign because whenever it exists I generally find her eating a magazine or pulling toilet paper off the roll. She's very fast and if you blink, next thing you know it she's up about 5 stairs at my mom's house or you find yourself searching rooms to try and find where she has disappeared to. Christa spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. But if you even hint (jokingly) that she is a bad girl, her brother will seriously ball up his fists and tell you that she is a good baby. We better watch out for him.
Words are being spoken! She can say Casey and "titi" for Betty. She says "nigh nigh" pretty clearly. There's a lot of "mama" going on for sure. If there is a pillow nearby, and you say "nigh nigh" she will lay her head right down and pretend to go to sleep. She's very proud of that little party trick, no doubt. And this is what it looks like:
And then there is the eating. Non-stop. Anything and everything. By the time I get her out of her chair, there is food everywhere: in her hair, on the floor, in her clothes and diapers... Yeah. I think she's going through a growth spurt and then there are the teeth coming so maybe the pressure of eating makes her gums feel better. Poor doll. At least she's sleeping well. Only wakes up about once a night now and quickly falls back to sleep. This baby thing is going by way too fast. 

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