Christa Tuesday - 47 Weeks

It is the last week of Christa's tenth month. On Sunday she will be eleven months old. Yesterday I decided that her first birthday party will be on February 21st. My little baby is taking steps now, several at a time. She wears shoes. She stands up. She's on the verge of being a dang toddler! I guess knowing that she is the last baby I will have or care for makes this a lot more emotional than it was when the boy started getting bigger and achieving developmental milestones.
My beautiful little daughter is in absolutely everything all of the time. I find her taking the toilet paper off the roll more often than I care to admit. This morning I found that she was removing paper from the trash can and eating it like a little billy goat. There are definitely many moments where I catch myself saying "it's too quiet" only to inevitably find that she is in something she shouldn't be. I, however, am not a twenty-eyed octopus with eight arms so I am simply unable to keep her out of trouble.
She is still eating like a horse. More sounds are coming out of her and she's moving from the "deedee dadda" sounds into "mama" territory so that is very exciting. A cute new thing she does now is snuggle. She will put her blankie in her lap and fold her tiny body over in half and act like she is sleeping. She is also very fond of a white polar bear stuffed animal my mom bought her and she is often caught rolling on him or hugging or eating him. She's a lover. Even if she is a little monster.

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