Asbestos Removal In Pictures

Remember that scene in ET when Elliott and his tiny alien friend are all sick and quarantined? Yeah. That's how I feel about my house.
Here's what's left of our bar/spare room. We'll be demolishing the actual bar shortly.
 This is the door to the garage which is right next to Tutti's room.
This is the thing blowing out asbestos I guess. Neat.
 This is what is left of the wall that had that hardly noticeable wet spot on the molding.
 This is the other side that leads into our garage.
 This is the garage.
 Here's a spooky shot of the blow dryers.
 And here's "Little Miss Into Everything" checking on what I'm doing under the drapery of plastic sheeting. Isn't she helpful?

My main problem with all of this, aside from the obvious inconvenience and cost, is that the left hand doesn't seem to know what the right hand is doing. They sent a guy to tell me about the wall removal and he told me to pack up the stuff in the bar - which was a bunch of tzotchkes, books, CDs and DVDs - so they could remove the furniture for wall removal the next day. I went home half day and packed like a mad woman and put everything in the garage. The next day the mover/packer people came and said they were supposed to do all of the packing, brought boxes and extra help and everything. Awesome.
So the furniture and washer and dryer were removed and on Saturday the guys came to quarantine the house and remove the walls that had the asbestos. They said the people would show up that afternoon to get the drying process done. No one called, no one showed. Sunday either. So on Monday I called at 10 a.m. and told them to send someone. Those guys showed up at 11 but probably wouldn't have if I hadn't called. Those guys then wondered why they were there to set up dryers because shouldn't that have been done already and I told them I had no idea what the heck was going on. They left while we were on our hike but when we came home those blowers were drying.
That night the company called and said they wanted to come at 8 a.m. to check on the dryers they had just set up. I'm taking a lot of time off work so I was not amused to have to do it again. Then on the way to work yesterday they called and realized they just set up the dryers so could they come Wednesday instead. Sigh. Whatever. Hopefully they take that stuff away today so I can set up my washer and dryer to do some laundry, the kids are down to their last pair of jammies.
And it's not just these folks that are disorganized. We had some furniture coming from Home Depot and the delivery window was from 11-3. When my mom showed up to wait for that stuff at 10:30? They'd already delivered and just left that stuff in my front yard! The plumber says he'll come Monday and is finally allegedly going to show up today. I am the most OCD person when it comes to being punctual and having a schedule so this shit is giving me a heart attack. I know I'll be happy with the finished results, I just hope it's over soon.

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