2015 Recap

Our year began with a leak that led to asbestos removal and a remodel of our house.

Our baby Christa turned one!

Gran celebrated her 90th, and last, birthday.

Legoland with Gaga!

I had a fantastic birthday. I got my name on the board at the Dodger game. Husband and I celebrated 6 years married. I had my very first spa day.

My godmother passed away. Finally met "Maine" and went to the Long Beach Aquarium for the first time. Casey got silver teeth. We had our first cocoon. Casey graduated from PreK.

We had a HOT and humid summer that led to me getting a crazy heat rash. Lots of field trips. Lots of park time. Went to the Lake Casitas water park for the first time. Lots of outdoor fun.

Had my 20-year high school reunion. Christine came with Dalton and it meant the world to me. Said goodbye to Casey's pre-school/day care. Casey started Kindergarten. Casey turned 5 and Gran passed away on the same day. We traded the Flex for a pickup.

Took a mini-vacay to Cambria. Played hooky from work to meet BFF and Josie in Malibu for lunch while they were on maternity leave. Went to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland with BFF & Co. I can say I probably saw more of them this year than in many years past and I hope we keep that shit up!

All the Halloween! Another leak that led to more asbestos removal. Casey had his tonsils removed and his Grandma came from Michigan to help him recuperate. We got our first butterfly.

Celebrated ALL the birthdays. Got to do a tour of Dodger Stadium with my kids and Husband and my nephew. Betty's ear exploded. The Germans came for Thanksgiving!

ALL the Christmas! Painted twice at The Painted Cabernet. Casey had his first sleepover at Uncle's. It got SO COLD. My In-laws came.

Overall, we had a few obstacles to overcome but it was a great year full of firsts, friends and fun. Hopefully 2016 will be just as good if not better.


My New Calling?

 I had to make sure my MIL got out to do some fun stuff that didn't involve her husband or her grandchildren so I dragged her out to go painting with my mom, SIL and SIL's cousin.
 I was truly stunned my mom wanted to do this because she is so anti-crafts.
This painting was so much harder than the last one. Oh, well. A good time was had either way. I am just glad we weren't like the other ladies there that swore we were going to be graded or that our works of art were headed for some sort of museum gallery. Sheesh.


Movie Review

I will admit, I have mocked the nerds for a while now about their practically orgasmic excitement over the release of this The Force Awakens. I can't think of many movies that have kept me in a state of year-long, breathtaking anticipation or that have gotten me to the point of dressing in costume and that sort of thing. As teasing and mean as I have been, though, deep down I really hoped that JJ Abrams wasn't going to disappoint them or ruin this beloved piece of cinematic pop culture. Casey and Husband had been pretty pumped about seeing Force and we finally got a chance to go on Sunday. I was reluctant to join them since I am not a huge fan of the first three and was pretty unimpressed with the following three prequels but I tried to feign some enthusiasm for them and went along for the ride.
With all that being said, I am quite familiar with the stories and everyone's lineage. Andrea was kind enough to gift Casey with episodes 4, 5 and 6 on DVD so I've been on a refresher course for the past couple years. I have a soft spot for Chewbacca, R2D2 and "Steve Reemio" (aka C3P0). And who doesn't love Harrison Ford as Han Solo? I'm glad I went into Force knowing what I knew. And I'm happy to report that despite not being a huge fan of the other movies, I absolutely loved this one.
I loved that there was a sense of humor like the first three that seemed to be lacking in the three prequels. I was impressed that the CGI wasn't overwhelming; the aliens were almost costume-like rather than animated and the sets appeared to be "on location." Force was able to impress me solely based on the story and the characters and didn't have to rely on a bunch of fluff. The nostalgia was definitely there but I didn't find the appearances of existing characters to be gratuitous. I also really enjoyed the newbies: Rey, Finn and BB8 were so much fun and Kylo Ren was so dark.
Husband gasped at the sight of the Millennium Falcon. Casey and I cheered when we saw Chewbacca. We all got kind of loud and rowdy especially when the light sabers came out. I don't want to say I fell into the deep nerd category, but Force was actually able to make me feel like Star Wars was fun and incredibly enjoyable. In the end, I was glad my boys talked me into joining them. I'm sold and interested to see where this is headed.


Weekend Pics - Christmas Comedown Style

 Talk about spoiled
 Tutti loves being a mommy to her baby doll
 Did I mention it is CHILLY?!
 My kids
 Dad working it out with the kids
 Love having the in-laws here!
 My favorite picture ever? Maybe.
 Brave Casey
Can you feel the love? 


Merry Christmas

Cookies have been baked
And eaten, too... with candy
So much gluttony
The kids are pumped up
Presents spilling from the tree
Nonstop caroling
Most important though
Has been all the family time
Spreading Christmas cheer


Weekend Pics Full of Firsts

 Our first Parade of Lights at The Ventura Harbor
 Christa's First Fireworks
 Probably my first attempt at Magic Cookie Bars since Christine 
won't make them for me this year. Boo.
Perhaps my first time ever wearing red lipstick. 
 The first selfie BFF & I have taken since my birthday? 
Josie's first Ornament Party at my ma's.
 The first time Husband was able to coerce Bunjamin into the house with a treat to 
be caught and returned to his cage.
 First time this little doofus decided to sit on my shoulder.
 Casey & Mrs. Claus
 Santa Float!
 Beautiful Sunset
 Tutti despises her swing but thought her "baby" would enjoy swinging.
Look at this mess. Her big ol' feet. I want to eat her.


Countdown Haiku Friday

One week til Christmas
It's Casey's last day of school
For three stinkin' weeks
Lots of things to bake
But my shopping is all done
At least I think so
Time for merriment
For food and family and cheer
And being grateful


Girl's Night!

Casey's school did a fundraiser at The Painted Cabernet so being the very responsible and active PTA member I am, I attended. I'm happy to say Miss Kitty and I were the quieter of  the "whoo"-ing, drunk moms that were there with us. Nice to know our years of practice drinking have made us the classy ones. It's also nice to know that Oxnard is the tiniest place you can ever live because the coordinator just so happened to be Miss Kitty's former neighbor and I got to hear lots of fun stories about what a partier she was. Yes, let's use that language.

Selfie with Miss Kitty
 Actual photograph taken by the organizer. Much better.
 Wine! And painting!
 Doesn't she look like she knows what she's doing?
The finished masterpieces.
 Group photo!


Weekend Pics

 Casey spent the night with his cousins - his first sleepover - so we took Christa to 
China Square. Tony was trying to get her to say "cheers" but she ruins everything. 
 Check out these crazy cans!
 Someone might be spoiled.
 Beating the rush at the TO mall. Reunited after his night away. 
She was not a fan of no "Taytee" in the house.
 We're a bunch of weirdos.
 Cheering on the Santa to the Sea runners with the Friday Jam Band. 
 Me and Husband before the Christmas dinner party.
And apparently it's official: I've turned into my mother.


Pizelle Haiku Friday

 Family tradition
One that Gran, Ma and I had
Our pizelle cookies
 Just two of us now
She on the waffle maker
And I with the knife 
Will Christa and I
One day make them with Gaga?
I sure hope we do