Weekend Pics

After Christmas shopping and food trucks with Husband on a very quiet and calm Friday night before Christmas at the mall, we babysat my niece and nephew. Casey was in heaven.
 And for the first time ever, I got the impression my niece actually likes me.
On Saturday night my brother had a pajama party / white elephant gift exchange so we went to that and I rocked this elf hat that was battery operated and shook and wiggled and sang songs and knocked my glasses off my face.
I'd never played beer pong and after my brother beat him, Husband wanted to play me. And I beat him too. Ha!
Here are the Baisch kids. Looking all kinds of cute and nothing alike.
I took home this gigantic boot that can hold like 40 oz of beer in exchange for my gift of lotto tickets.
That black rye IPA looks good as a Santa boot am I right?
And on Sunday after the kids and my mom and I had a luncheon at Gran's home, the in-laws arrived from Michigan. We chased Santa and all was well in the world. Even though Husband got a ticket for using his cell phone in the car. And made me super mad. Amen.

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