Weekend Pics

 Here we are at the lamest of the lame Christmas parties but looking dapper as heck! Shawn the DJ was really very likely Shawn from accounting with a lap top. The buffet definitely didn't warrant the $30/head ticket and to add insult to injury, it wasn't an open bar. WTF?
 We decided to go downtown instead and ended up at a bar where older white people were ugly dancing to terrible live music. Husband ordered this cocktail strictly for the copper cup. I told him he looked like he was running for office.
 Since this was the most hilariously depressing date ever I wanted a pack of cigarettes but instead settled for a seedy hookah bar where Husband got to watch Sports Center and I got to blow watermelon smoke.
 Sunday morning was the Santa to the Sea marathon so we all yelled at runners from our backyard.
 This exhausted poor Betty so she passed out on a Santa pillow while Husband skyped with his folks.
 Sunday night was my Ma's ornament party so BFF came up.
Here I am with my ball. Same dress all month long, baby.
And this happened this morning so it doesn't really qualify as a weekend post but Casey was so proud of himself yesterday for putting on his shoes by himself that I asked him to dress himself this morning. I laid out all his clothes on his bed and went to finish getting ready for work. A few minutes later he came into my room saying "I did it again mom!" but clearly doesn't realize that pants are the important first step when dressing. He's so f*&^ing cute.

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Ang said...

we didn't have an open bar at our party either...we used to, but those days are long gone.