Weekend Pics

I put SO MANY up at my flickr if you want to check there but also here are the phone pics:
 Thanksgiving morning as superheroes. We like to play in the front yard like this to make passersby take a second look.
 A quick visit to the beach on a sunny day. We waved to Papa and he responded by sending us dolphins. The day went to hell in a hand-basket after this but at least we had this moment.
 Saturday at BFF's place celebrating MIKE's birthday
 Sasha was apparently the chosen one because anyone else who tried to hold Christa got a hearty serving of tears. Someone is in the needy stage of her life.
 On Sunday Casey & I made "Voltron" out of his Legos. 
Color-coded, OCD style like Miss Kitty taught him.
Husband's pancakes for Friday Sunday Pancake Breakfast are really going places.
 I bought a wreath because it matched Christa.
 Christa decided to figure out the dog door. Note Betty's concern.
And this? With my old Raggedy Ann and the covering of the face? 
Damn I love this baby friend.

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Coodence said...

she's so cute.

we saw vincent's baby for a minute yesterday and she sat right in buddy's lap and kissed her face. when i grabbed her (i mean grabbed, too. no transition) she started to cry. hahaha. i think buddy might be the baby whisperer. which i used to be, but i've passed the torch on to my daughter. boom!