Moral of the Story Humpday

It's been over a year since my dad passed away and I think I've handled my grief pretty well. Every day I work, I come to the building he owned and the business he created and see his name plate still hanging by the door of his now empty office. There is not a day that passes that he doesn't cross my mind. Last weekend was a little rough because on Saturday morning I took my mom's picture for her Christmas card and it was just her and the grandchildren and I could just feel that my dad was not there with his wife and his grandchildren. Later that night was our company Christmas party and he would not be there with us and I would be the one to give the speech that he always gave. Because of all that I had what most people would call a panic attack. The thing about grieving is sometimes you don't know how sad you are until you're basically completely destroyed.
I was reflecting on last year and remembered that in mid-October, about a month before my dad died, he and my mom and I attended a fundraiser. When we'd arrived, they'd taken our picture and I never saw it. Since I keep in touch with people that worked at the fundraiser on Facebook, I thought what would the harm be in asking if they could locate those pictures. Let me just say, when that email came through I audibly gasped and my eyes welled with tears. In my mind, misted with nostalgia, these pictures would really be something beautiful. The last known pictures I had taken before I'd lost the most important person in my life. Sometimes, though, reality sets in and damn if it isn't hilarious.

 This one is my favorite
 5 month old fetus-Christa's in there!
 Why are we all so shocked and suspicious?
 What on God's green earth!?

I shared these with a friend and the following exchange happened and I laughed and laughed:
me That one at the table is too funny dude
why are we terrified?
him why are you in an invisible wheelchair?
me Right!?
him your dad has a power beard. very archaeologist
me He's fucking indiana jones up in this bitch
with his man satchel
him he's solving history crimes
me Davinci Code'in it up!
him:  he has a real opinion about babylonian culture
me LOL
you're killing me
him your dad has a room in his house where all the shit hanging on the walls comes with it's own 20 minute story
me oh jumanji
i'm glad you're bored. i got to reap that fantasticness out of you
I can only imagine how amused my dad would be about all this. I guess that's the point of it all right? 
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Life just isn't pretty sometimes. The least we can do is laugh.

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