Christa Tuesday - 45 Weeks

We are halfway through Christa's 10th month. Time is flying so fast. On Christmas Eve, we watched her take two or three unassisted steps. She is quite fond of standing up on her own and then she throws a pelvic thrust and plops on her booty. Her top teeth have poked through and her eye teeth are now making an appearance. Her teeth seem to show up two at a time and I'm just fascinated by that. I don't have any memory of Casey teething really. I guess you really do forget the first baby and that's why you do it again. Go figure.
Christa's first Christmas was a huge success. Her grandparents were here from Michigan and they spoiled her rotten. She has been at home with Casey and them since they arrived about ten days ago and at first she was not crazy about Grandma Friday. She had no trouble adapting to Grandpa, though. This morning, for the first time in over 7 months, she cried when I brought her back to Maria's house. Hopefully this was the only rough patch in the transition back to normalcy.

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