Christa Tuesday - 44 Weeks

It's the first week of Christa's tenth month. Her Michigan grandparents arrived on Sunday so she is getting super spoiled with each passing day. I'm sure Maria is missing her little face. In the last day or so, she seems to have mastered waving goodbye and saying "bah bah" which is really stinkin' cute. I just packed away her 9-month clothes this morning. I can't believe how fast she's growing. We're only eight weeks away from her turning one. Unbelievable.
This little girl is the busiest little beaver around. She is always in something she shouldn't be in and you just can't move fast enough to keep up wit her. Right now her favorite thing is to terrorize our dog, Betty. She's doing it out of love but she will crawl into Betty's "safe space" which is her week dog bed in the corner. She'll climb up the dog's body. She smacks her and grabs her face. But really? She squeals with the same glee as she does for her brother when she sees Betty. It's really dang cute and frankly I think Betty loves it. And gets rewarded by being able to eat all the food Christa throws around.

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