Christa Tuesday - 43 Weeks

Christa will be ten months old on Thursday. I guess it's true about taking less pictures of your second baby because I didn't have a single picture of her taken within the last week to use for today's post. This was one BFF took a while ago and I think she's cute and half-naked so there you go. Then again, I think even if I had a picture, it would be a blur because this child never stops moving. If there is something she can be in, she is in it: the Christmas tree, the toilet, the closet, the fireplace tools... nothing is safe.
She's not walking yet but she's crawling quickly. We often catch her standing up, mostly in the bath tub, but I've yet to see her take steps. This morning, Maria told me she took two steps on her own yesterday. It won't surprise me if she walks for Maria before she walks for me. If I recall correctly, the same thing happened with Casey.
Christa isn't exactly the snuggliest of babies but she is definitely in a clingy time of her baby life. BFF tried to hold her on Sunday and she cried a lot for no reason. The same thing happened for the babysitter weekend before last. And it happens when her aunt tries to hold her. The only folks she seems to allow are her parents, my mom and Maria. She really wants to climb up my legs all the time but if I try to hold her she squirms right out of my grasp. I guess she just wants to be near me but on her terms. 
Her top teeth are out and sharp and she tries to give kisses that end up being bites. She shakes her head from left to right often and will mimic you when you say "Ah ah ah" in a negative fashion. She's starting to learn how to wave. Sometimes when we leave the house and say bye to the house, she'll chime in with a "bah bah" and that's fun. She loves to pat her brother on his head and pull his golden hair. And mostly, she just is the most loveable thing in the house.

EDIT: Here's one I took that night...

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