Christa Tuesday - 42 Weeks

It is the fourth week of Christa's ninth month. In nine days she will be ten months old. In ten weeks she will be a year. They really aren't kidding when they say, "If you blink, you'll miss it." She's growing up pretty darn quickly. She eats what we're eating now, just in tiny pieces. It always cracks me up when I'm slicing a blueberry in half but I get a little paranoid about her swallowing them whole if the skin's not broken.
Last night she was up about three times but for the most part if I stick a chupie back in her mouth, put her blankie back on and pat her she falls right back to sleep. Casey was always up for long periods of time in the night so this makes me not mind getting up so much. She is constantly on the move and can grab anything that's even slightly within her reach, so much so that we think she is part octopus. Last night she was lying on her back kicking the ornaments off the Christmas tree if that's any indication of her terrorist motives.
She is making lots of new noises and is trying to kiss now. She is never happier than in the morning when Betty or Casey come into the room. Her hair is getting longer and wavier. Her top teeth are visible through the gum so that little smile will soon change from the upside down beaver mouth it is now. Even when all the things are breaking everywhere around us and money is tight, I look at that face and have not a care in the world. Little ray of sunshine, she is.

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