Christa Tuesday - 41 Weeks

It's the third week of Christa's ninth month. On Thanksgiving we took her to the beach and while it wasn't the first time she'd been, it was the first time she got to sit and "walk" and play there. Naturally, the first thing she did was put a handful of sand in her mouth. Everything goes in her mouth. She's drinking less and less formula and eating more and more grown up food. As we learned at BFF's this weekend, she really loves blueberries and blackberries. Not much else to report, she's just crawling around like a crazy person and getting into anything and everything she can and with every passing day she just keeps getting louder and louder.
Christa got a flu shot yesterday and since I'm insane I wanted to do it at her old pediatrician's office even though I had to pay out of pocket and likely it would have been free at the new pediatrician's because we have insurance there. Anyway, we went and got the shot and later in the afternoon I see that the doctor's office is calling my cell. I answered thinking I'd forgotten something there because that seemed the only logical reason they'd be calling me and Lord knows when you have a baby, you're constantly losing chupies and bottles and blankies. It was Dr. Sally herself so naturally I went straight to wondering what was wrong if she was calling since the nurse had given Christa her flu shot.
When we paid our last bill at her office, I had sent a letter thanking the staff there and expressing how very much I would miss them all. They're all so dang nice and they've been taking care of our kids since Casey was born. I am heartbroken that we had to leave them and that's not an understatement so I told them as much. Dr. Sally was simply calling me because she was sad she didn't get a chance to see Christa when she was there. It was a crazy busy day and she forgot to tell the ladies at the front desk she wanted to see her. She proceeded to say how thoughtful it was that I'd sent that note and just went on and on about how nice and genuine Husband and I are and how much she'd miss us. She even said she hoped I'd call for anything if I needed her and that I wouldn't be a stranger. I was so touched and immediately started crying. I'm so glad that my children (and I guess Husband and I) made such an impression on her. It means so much because the feeling is so mutual.

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