Veterans Day Getaway

Husband started a new job recently but he still managed to get Veterans Day as a paid day off so I asked my work if it would be okay if I worked a short day so we could spend it together. He and I had talked about having lunch locally but I decided to surprise him and take him to Santa Barbara. I believe on the way there he said that because I wouldn't tell him where we were going, it was considered kidnapping so I told him if it was kidnapping I'd just tie him up and leave him somewhere rather than bring him home. Now if that's not a good old fashioned love story, I just don't know what is.
Since the decision to go up north was a last minute one, I decided to try my hand at yelp to discover a new place where neither of us had eaten before for lunch. I quickly plugged in the key words "lunch" and "Santa Barbara" and found a spot with five stars, plenty of positive reviews and pictures of patio seating so I jotted down the address. Bossman recommended a brewery that happened to be on the same street and there was another brewery in Ventura I had never been to that I figured we could hit on the way home. A plan was hatched and we were on our way! BOOM!
When we arrived at our first destination address, we found ourselves at Antioch University. Husband said "We're in a library." But? I saw the sign for Book Ends Cafe which is where the yelp sent me so we took the elevator up to the rooftop patio. This alleged cafe was the size of my cubicle at work and was basically just a counter. So yeah, we didn't eat there because this was supposed to be a date, not a lunch break. We decided to take the long and winding walk to Figueroa Mountain Brewery - what was to be our second destination - and eat there instead. Naturally, when we arrived we found they didn't have a kitchen but would bring in some "not what we were looking for" food if we wanted them to but nope. Time to improvise!
We took a mosey over to Enterprise Fish Company and ate there. The beer was cold, the chowder was thick, and the food was delicious and plentiful. Our poor waiter forgot to bring us some unneeded calamari that we ordered and insisted he buy us dessert to make up for his error but we were so stuffed we settled for him buying Husband a beer and we called it even. Afterward, we walked back over to Figueroa Mountain Brewery and each did a flight of four beers, all of them very tasty. Plus the atmosphere was nice and cozy and the staff was very friendly. If you can believe this, we walked out of that place for a mere $12. Holy smokes.
Since we can't go on a date without ending up running errands or going to Target, we got on the road and headed back home in a timely manner. Naturally, I found myself closing out our date spending twenty minutes in the Target toilet. It reminded me of our first date when I ended it with a migraine. I think the second date I closed out with diarrhea. Oh, Husband. Thank you for loving me despite my faults. Naturally, our final destination, Surf Brewery in Ventura, was closed. I guess that's what I get for making plans in haste, am I right?
 Part of our walk from that silly cafe to the brewery
 Husband getting ready to kill some cioppino
 Husband and his flight
Yours truly

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Destiny said...

I'm happy Brad has a new job! Sounds like a great day!