Movie Review Monday

On Saturday morning, Husband and I took Casey and my nephew to see Big Hero 6. As with any Disney movie, I feel like if I don't see it on opening weekend, there is something very wrong with me. And for some reason I get stupid emotional just being a part of a Disney movie in the theater and my body becomes abuzz with juvenile excitement. Even the wee short "Feast" had me in tears and it's essentially about a puppy eating food. Yeah. I have a problem.
But? Back to the movie. I have no familiarity wit the Marvel comic it was based on. This particular story focuses on a wonderful marshmallow nurse of a robot named Baymax (unless you are Casey and decide it is pronounced Faymax despite any attempts to convince him otherwise). Baymax's brilliant creator, brother of our protagonist, dies and Hiro plans to avenge his death by converting the big softie Baymax into a karate-trained super hero. And of course, Hiro and his brother - the first hapa Disney characters I am aware of - are orphans because that is how Disney rolls. He recruits his brother's ethnically diverse scientist friends and the Big Hero 6 superhero group is born.
The movie was full of adventure. The antagonist is a super scary dude in a kabuki mask that rolls around on a wave of tiny robots and I have to admit, both Casey and I were spooked by him. I apparently am a big ol' weenie. My 8-year old nephew said "Why is there always a sad part in Disney movie?" Yes, this movie is emotional as well as exciting and funny.
I was having a talk with the car after on the drive home and if nothing else, Big Hero 6 stunned me on a different level. A level that made me in awe of the human imagination and how limitless it is. I pondered how anyone could come up with a huggable vinyl robot for healthcare. How could they imagine a marriage between cities as beautiful as San Fransokyo: a hybrid city so visually stunning that it made me wish it could exist so I could vacation there often. And as 8-year olds do, when I exclaimed "WHO THINKS OF THIS STUFF!?" he casually replied, "Apparently the people who brought you Frozen and Wreck-it Ralph." Sigh.
And since we Fridays love to overdo everything, we went to the Disney Store on Saturday night to stock up on Big Hero 6 figures and a nice squishy plush toy for me to snuggle. Of course, Casey is under the illusion that it is his stuffed animal, but no. But no. And for the weekly "Friday Sunday Pancake Breakfast," Husband got super creative and made Casey a Baymax pancake. Because that is how we roll.

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Coodence said...

how cute! i'm glad it was good. it looks super cute.