Christa Tuesday - 40 Weeks

Today is the second week of Christa's ninth month. We still have plenty of time to master the selfie-game but here are a couple practice shots. These were taken before we left the house this morning. After she snacked on some banana and bread, chugged a bottle, took a poop, tore up brother's toys and proceeded to crawl all over the entire house like a mad woman. Mind you, all of this occurred in a matter of two hours. I swear I will need to chain this child to her crib because she never stops moving and that means many a red forehead.
Despite my predictions, this chick still isn't walking on her own but Lord knows she's close. She pulls herself up on anything and everything. Her Gaga had intended on giving her this stand-up/push/walk toy for Christmas but Husband insisted that he have it this past weekend instead as she will have out grown the need for it by December. She is definitely making the most out of it right now. Nothing is safe in her path with her octopus grabs. What we thought was a baby-proofed home is quickly proving not to be.
Her top teeth are popping through the gum now so that means many a night - almost always at midnight - where she wakes herself up crying. She has found her voice and it gets louder with every passing day. She's not much of a crier but she loves to babble and ramble loudly. Casey loves to repeat her sounds to her and that just gets her going even more. He is the one person in our family that makes her laugh the most. Her personality is just the best and I hope she doesn't turn evil. Ha! 

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